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I've always had an interest in F1 and motorsport in general, so once I began doing photography, I knew I needed to combine the two, and now have the dream of one day becoming a professional F1 photographer.

I first began photography as a GCSE subject in year 9, something I had never done before. Furthermore, I did the 3-year course and came out with a grade 8 (A* equivalent). I am now at Stratford-upon-Avon College, studying the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography. It is proving to be a good decision, and is constantly helping me to improve my skills and knowledge within photography. 


On the side, I have done many shoots for various different clients, which include many styles and techniques. Some of these include shooting football teams, school proms, corporate photos for a client's website and also shooting for a team in the Ducati TriOptions Cup. In the summer this year, I also shot promotional content for a hotel who was the lead corporate sponsor for the Pub in the Park Festival. I attended the festival and shot a range of photo and video. 

In the future, I plan to go to university to do videography or further study photography. After, I wish to explore the motorsport photography industry and start my journey to F1.     


Will Fountain   

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